Monday, May 16, 2011


At the time of the posting of this Blog, the state budget negotiations are still at an impasse.  Republicans in the Assembly and the Senate are still withholding the votes that are necessary to place the question of calling for the voters to have an opportunity to vote for an extension of temporary taxes that are scheduled to expire June 30, 2011.
As we are all aware, the Legislature did enact budget trailer bills to cut programs and services that disproportionately impact poor and low-income families and their children, seniors, and people with disabilities.  If the Legislature is unable to resolve the remaining $12.4 billion budget deficit, further cuts may be required.  As time passes, the prospects for the voters approving the tax extension in November are growing dimmer and the State will lose substantial revenues that will add to the deficit.

Hopefully, future Blogs will provide more details of the budget negotiations.  Until then, CFILC must return its attention to legislation that has been introduced in 2011.  Following the April 6th Policy Briefing, the Public Policy Committee has recommended that the Board of Directors vote to take formal positions as we have developed our 2011 Legislation.

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