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Following recent legislative deadlines for bills to be reported out of their policy and fiscal committees, CFILC’s 2011 Legislative Agenda has been updated.  The following are the ACTIVE and INACTIVE bills.  The 2-year bills remain active, but must be passed under an expedited schedule in January 2012.

The bills that are INACTIVE are shown in RED.   


AB 410 (Swanson) State Agency Regulations: Accessibility to the Blind and Visually Impaired
CFILC Position: Support.

Description: Requires state agencies, upon request from a blind or visually impaired person, to provide a narrative description of proposed state agency regulations. 
Status:      ACTIVE.


AB 9 (Ammiano) Pupil Rights: Bullying
CFILC Position: Support.

Description: Requires school districts to adopt policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying, including pupils with disabilities.  
Status:      ACTIVE.  

AB 519 (Hernandez) Pupil Discipline: Restraints and Seclusion
CFILC Position: Support.

Description: This bill prohibits schools and school employees from using chemical restraints, mechanical restraints, physical restraints, or physical seclusion to control the behavior of special education students. 
Status:      ACTIVE.  AB 620 is now a 2-year bill.

AB 533 (Yamada) Continued Funding for Area Agencies on Aging and Independent Living Centers During State Budget Impasses

Description: This bill would have enabled Area Agencies on Aging and Independent Living Centers to continue to receive Federal funding during state budget impasses. 
Status:      INACTIVE  

AB 620 (Block) Postsecondary Educational Institutions: Policies Intimidation and Bullying
CFILC Position: Support.

Description: This bill requires state institutions of higher education to adopt policies prohibiting students from engaging in acts of intimidation or bullying. 
Status:      ACTIVE.


AB 264 (Hagman) Transitional Housing: Notice Requirements
CFILC Position: Oppose.

Description: AB 264 would have required new transitional housing projects for the homeless to provide advance notice to all residents living within 300 feet of a project. CFILC opposed the bill because it was discriminatory. 
Status:      INACTIVE  

AB 1198 (Norby) Land Use: Housing Element: Need Assessment
CFILC Position: Oppose.

Description: This bill would have repealed existing law requiring the Department on Housing and Community Development to identify existing and projected regional housing needs. CFILC opposed the bill because the State must continue to play this role. 
Status:      INACTIVE  


AB 66 (Chesbro) Taxation: Vehicle License Fees

Description: This bill would raise the Vehicle License Fee (VLF) to the levels they were prior to Governor Schwarzenegger’s fee reduction. It would provide $4 billion annually to offset budget cuts.
Status:      ACTIVE.  AB 66 is now a 2-YEAR BILL.

AB 594 (Yamada) California Department of Aging and Adult Services
CFILC Position: Support.

Description: This bill creates a new single state agency to coordinate all state-administered home and community-based programs for independent living.
Status:      ACTIVE.  AB 594 is now a 2-YEAR BILL.

AB 889 (Ammiano) Domestic Workers
CFILC Position:  Oppose, Unless Amended.

Description:  This bill would give Domestic Workers, including personal attendants serving seniors and people with disabilities, certain labor protections and benefits, including overtime compensation and accrued vacation time.  Currently, it would include  low-income, non-IHSS eligible disabled persons who pay for their personal attendants, so CFILC is seeking to exempt them.
Status:  ACTIVE.

SB 21 (Liu) Long-Term Care: Assessment and Planning

Description: SB 21 would have reformed the long-term care system to make it easier for aged or disabled persons to access supportive services post-hospitalization by requiring counties to provide case management and transitional services.
Status:      INACTIVE 

SB 33 (Simitian) Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse
CFILC Position: Support.

Description: This bill would make the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act that requires financial institutions to report suspected financial abuse permanent law.  
Status:      ACTIVE.

SB 930 (Evans) IHSS: Enrollment and Fingerprinting Requirements

Description: SB 930 repeals the mandatory fingerprinting of IHSS recipients and a prohibition for the use of post office boxes to receive their checks. 
Status:      ACTIVE.


AB 441 (Monning) State Transportation Planning
CFILC Position: Support, if Amended

Description: This bill would have required local transportation plans to include “health equity and health issues.” CFILC was seeking amendments to encourage Olmstead implementation in that planning. 
Status:      INACTIVE  


AB 346 (Atkins) Polling Places in Higher Education Institution Campuses
CFILC Position: Support.

Description: This bill requires the establishment of polling places on the campuses of state funded higher education institutions to increase student voter turnout in elections. 
Status:      ACTIVE.

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